Your priorities should be addressed by what's best for your needs rather than someone else's sales quota. Unfortunately, the traditional business model in the financial industry has failed to recognize this. Rather than jumping right into a client-facing role, Max decided to invest his time learning more about the financial sector. He worked for several successful teams that guided him towards the appropriate steps towards understanding the financial planning process over time. During his training, he assisted hundreds of households to get them closer to their financial goals and obtained his Series 7, 66, and life + health licenses. 

By the time he gained the appropriate knowledge, he had started building his book of business and established a successful online presence to push financial education for his followers. While advising clients at One Wealth Management, Max had begun to understand how he truly wanted to create the best financial planning for his clients. He realized to serve his existing and upcoming clients better required transforming his business into an actual fiduciary model. After obtaining his CFP designation, he founded Pashman Financial as a fee-only company built on that promise.

Max Pashman, Financial Planner, CFP®
Max Pashman, Financial Planner, CFP®

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Cash Flow Management

At the heart of every financial plan is positive cash flow. We'll review your income and expenses to determine the necessary changes to maximize your cash flow potential. Identifying positive cash flow allows you to address the goals you disclose to us.

Traditional Investing

You've heard about diversification many times. Yet, it still holds today. In evolving markets, you need a portfolio optimized to match your time horizon and your liquidity needs. A combination of low-cost funds and tax-efficient allocation ensures your returns enhance your goals.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is a word thrown around with much negativity. The truth is everyone has an individual definition for it. Are you quitting altogether? Still working but want supplemental income? Based on what you want will determine the appropriate recommendation for you.

Education Planning

Did you know education inflation rises around 6%-7% every year? What are you doing today to prepare for such a hefty cost? We'll make sure you are allocating your dollars appropriately and taking advantage of every education perk available to minimize costs for yourself and your children down the line.

Tax Planning

One of the most crucial aspects of understanding your finances is how much you are giving to Uncle Sam. Are you fully aware of the potential tax deductions, credits, and other consequences you may incur? We make sure that you are in the most cost-effective position for your investment strategy and your day-to-day life with your job and business.

Stock Options

Company equity. A complicated perk that has attracted many employees to choose a firm for their long-term commitment. But now you are ready to obtain them, what exactly do you do? The tax consequences of obtaining your shares should be exercised with caution depending on your current situation paired with your financial projections. With careful analysis, we'll determine the appropriate way to obtain your company shares while minimizing the tax consequences that will inevitably hit your way.

Real Estate Planning

Are you planning on buying your dream home? Or perhaps you're looking to sell it? Real estate holds unique tax perks that should be analyzed with care when making an executive decision. Even participation in real estate activities shouldn't be overlooked to ensure the appropriate tax advantages are utilized. 

Debt Repayment

Debt creating a stressful life for yourself? You are not alone. Debt problems are typically the burden that holds people back from hitting their goals. We analyze your debt to ensure that you are utilizing the best interest rates, consolidating potential investments, integrating the appropriate repayment strategy, and reviewing ways to improve your credit score. 

Insurance Planning

Insurance is easily one of the biggest headaches you'll ever incur in the financial world. We have previously been heavily involved in this industry, except now our advice is free of commissions. This means you do not need to worry about potentially overbuying a policy that's not in your best interest. We review your current individual policies, property & casualty, group benefits, and other insurance policies to determine how much protection you need to keep your finances intact should something happen. 

Estate Planning

It's amazing how overlooked this area is by most households. Many don't even have a simple will to determine where their money goes when they pass away. We ensure that if you are not there to provide, your assets are distributed with our requested direction, and your loved ones are taken care of. Life is too short to delay safety measures. 


Our platform is designed to help you

Stop getting frustrated going through multiple hurdles to pull your information. XY Planning and Altruist partners provide our clients with the most up-to-date technology that's easy to access with clear and concise information readily available. Gone are the days where you had to call a 1-800 number and wait an hour for a one-minute question. Our technology makes it easier for our clients to access their accounts, more simple to understand and receive the attention they signed up for.

Client access portal

More Options.

Standard Subscription

$195 per month
  • Includes Online Portal, Ongoing Education, Goal Planning, Debt Repayment, Emergency Fund Building, Cash Flow Management, Quarterly Meetings, Investment Planning, Education Planning, Insurance Planning
  • Couples Additional $50 per month
  • Setup Initial $500 fee
  • AUM .3%+ advisory fees for investments managed (optional)

Advanced Subscription

$275 per month
  • Includes Online Portal, Ongoing Education, Goal Planning, Debt Repayment, Emergency Fund Building, Cash Flow Management, Quarterly Meetings, Investment Planning, Education Planning, Insurance Planning
  • Includes Equity Compensation, Estate Planning, Advanced Tax Management, Tax Loss Harvesting Analysis, Charitable Giving Strategies, Social Security Planning
  • Couples Additional $50 per month
  • Setup Initial $500 fee
  • Optional .3%+ advisory fees for investments managed, business planning $100 per month

Hourly pricing available upon request.



The Financial Blueprint gives you an easy one-pager with details to attend to all your needs but in a feasible way to digest it.


All fees are disclosed to you, built on you paying for a plan and not a hidden product to cross-sell you.


We have a proven record of helping thousands of social media followers make an impact on their finances. You get that one-on-one.


While financial professionals call themselves "fiduciaries," most don't do so in their business model. A fee-only approach ensures the highest standard of working in your best interest.


You aren't hiring just a boring advisor. You're hiring a financial planner that is monitoring you frequently along the way. You're bringing in a partner that is committed to being a team player.

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